Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goose Control - How To Handle Nuisance Canada Geese

Canada Geese are impressively smart birds. However, they can be a great nuisance especially when they conquer your space. In order to effectively deal with these annoying birds, you have to know the reason why they are inside your property. Is it something to do with their lifestyle? Or it is just their nature to be landing on random places?

One of the most prominent traits of birds is being instinctive. Their instincts tell them to reproduce and find shelter and food source. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to install bird deterrents to prevent them from coming. This way, the Geese will be forced to find another place to build their nesting spots and find food.

On the other hand, if the nuisance Geese are already around your property, the best thing to do is to find a humane way to get rid of them. One popular way to keep Geese out is to chase them away with dogs. Most people agree that Border Collies are perfect for goose-chase. They are intelligent dogs with an almost limitless energy supply. These dogs actually find fun in running around and chasing geese away. However, between June 16 and July 20, it is prohibited to use dogs in harassing geese. This period is crucial top geese because the majority of them are flightless due to wing molt and gosling maturation.

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Nevertheless, it is always necessary to know how to properly control Geese when the situation requires it. Although these birds can be important to parks and entertainment businesses, they can become a real bother to residential areas, school grounds, golf courses,and commercial establishments. Industrial buildings with wide rooftops frequently suffer from excessive goose droppings, as well. So, unless you have free, open space to accommodate geese, their presence could really destroy your property or affect your profits.

Hence, apart from chasing them with dogs, you must find a feasible, humane way to control geese. You can utilize both sound and visual deterrents, which scare away geese without causing them any harm. In addition, it is important to switch from one deterring method to another, in order to make sure that the geese will not develop some sort of “immunity” to a particular product or method.

It is not impossible to keep geese out. All you need to do is to find an effective deterrent that can be considered safe and humane for these birds. With the proper method, you can live peacefully without hurting a single feather.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Theraflu by Kanye West | Lyrics

When I first heard about Kanye West's song Theraflu, I immediately googled it. But, of course, the first page gives me the cough and cold remedy from Novartis. LOL. Got the news first from Us Magazine, and is it true that Kanye has confessed his love to long-time close friend Kim Kardashian? Lovely.

Here's some lines from Kanye West's Theraflu:

Can’t a young n*gga get money anymore? Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor

Dinner with Anna Wintour (Whoa!), racin’ wit’ Anja Rubik I told you motherf*ckers it was more than the music In the projects one day to Project Runway We done heard all that loud-ass talkin’, we used to it.

And here's where he confesses his love to Kim:

And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim ‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him (Whuh)

Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘im from the team La familia (La familia), Roc Nation (Roc Nation) We in the buildin’, but still keep it basement (Whoa)

Hmm...Lovesick Kanye confesses with his song Theraflu. Doesn't he need some Theraflu himself?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

KC Concepcion The Buzz Interview November 27

Boy Abunda interviews The Buzz co-host KC Concepcion regarding the current state of her relationship with boyfriend(?) Piolo Pascual.

KC is obviously crying all through the interview. Watch the KC Concepcion interview on the Buzz this November 27, 2011. Check out this teaser video of KC's The Buzz Interview:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great Garden Edging Ideas: Concrete

In order to get those irritating weeds and stray lawn grasses away from your flower beds, you need to have some garden edging. Garden edgings do not only separate your plant or flower beds from the lawn, but add beauty and elegance as well. With some smart handy work, you will be able to get that professional look you thought you will only see in landscape magazines and pictures.

Edging for gardens can transform a plain-looking garden into a classy and neat one. If done correctly, a garden bed edging makes everything in your garden look organized; from the flower and plant beds to the grass-bordered walkways.

The most common garden edging material is concrete. A lot of landscapers, professional and beginners alike, agree that a concrete garden edging is one of the best edgings available.

Concrete garden edgings are easy to install, and provide a very sturdy border as well. Concrete can be painted on, carved or molded, so it is easier to create a more personalized look. In addition, a concrete garden bed edging is virtually weather-resistant, and can definitely withstand heavy rain and excessive heat of the sun. It can also survive snow as well.

Determining the Type of Concrete Garden Edging to Use

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It is important to choose the best type of concrete edging that will suit your garden. There are basically no rules; however, you must make sure that you will feel comfortable with your choices. The two general types of concrete garden edging are straight edging and curved edging.

Straight edgings are used in formal garden settings. With straight edges, you can create geometrical and well-defined borders. This does not mean that you are not allowed to bend it on corners. A straight edging can be very attractive when done correctly, but it is ideal for large yards with wider landscape.

Curved edgings, on the other hand, are best used in casual, homey gardens. Curved lines mean that you can make circular borders, as well as the long, swirled ones. Curved concrete edgings are ideal for small gardens with winding pathways. Alternatively, you can also combine straight and curved edgings to create an intricate pattern that will surely add beauty to your plain old garden.

What’s great about concrete garden edging is that it can be easily painted on. You can choose whatever color you want, just make sure the color will flatter your garden’s layout. You can also combine colors as long as they are complimentary and do not clash with each other.

Garden edgings such as those made with concrete can be easily done without help from a professional edging designer. You just have to look for the proper instructions, which should be easy to follow, and gather all the necessary materials. Use the technique that will suit your yard best. With a little imagination and some handy work, you will soon be surprised with what garden edging you can install in your garden.

Garden Edging: Utilitarian Garden Art

Garden edging is commonly used to frame flower or plant beds and separate them from the grass lawn. This is the primary use of garden bed edging. However, aside from its functional use, edging has also become a way to incorporate art in your garden.

Generally, garden edgings are used to prevent lawn grass from crawling into your garden beds. Without the proper edging, your plant beds will be filled with weeds and grass and you may have to remove them consistently, which takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, garden edging also contains mulch effectively, thus preventing it from spreading all over your grass lawn. Some homeowners’ association at exclusive villages even requires homeowners to have edgings for their lawns.

Edging for gardens come in many types. Two of the most commonly-used kinds of edging are decorative garden edging and concrete edging. The first one can be made with any material, as long as it effectively borders the plant beds and provides a good aesthetic look. The second one is of course, made with concrete. This is very popular because it is very sturdy and can endure extreme weather.

Apart from concrete, there are other materials that can be used as garden borders and edging, and these materials can be easily obtained from do it yourself stores and garden specialty shops. There are plastic, metal, trench and many more. On the other hand, there are materials that you can avail for free, such as wood, river rocks and stones. Even small plants can be used as edging for gardens.

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The use of garden edgings is important especially if your garden has variety of plants on it. It is not only for aesthetic purpose, but vital in keeping your plants healthy and well-kept as well. Aside from these, landscape garden edging also acts as barrier that keeps disease-bearing weeds from infecting your plants. The best part is, edgings create tracks for mowers, therefore make mowing easier and much faster. Garden edgings will also increase your home’s value, since it improves the overall appearance of your lawn. If done correctly, edgings can even make your lawn appear wider, thus providing a better fa├žade for your home. Most people who plan to sell their properties concentrate in having garden edgings installed because they know their homes will have a higher selling price if they do this improvement.

Although garden edgings are not a requirement in keeping your garden healthy and blooming, these will definitely make your plants look neater and manicured. You do not need to hire a professional to install garden edgings. Helpful articles and step-by-step instructions can be easily found in the Web, and you just need to follow the procedure strictly in order to obtain the desired result.

Garden edging is a pretty addition to any landscape; yet, it is surprisingly easy to do once you got the knack of it. Installing a garden edging is also a great way to bond with your whole family. Let everyone do a part and you will surely enjoy it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

e107 Content Management System Summary|Features|Review

e107 Product Summary

e107 is an open source CMS or Content Management System used to create and manage websites. It is published under the license v2 of GNU GPL and has several built-in features such as web page publishing, interactive portals, and safe and secure Administrator interface. With e107, website content is easily published, without requiring users to have extensive technical knowledge. The software has two editors, namely the BB Code and WYSIWYG.

e107 Features

With e107, publishing web content is so much easier. This software is great especially for sites that are serving forums and communities as well as those that offer social networking. Content building is simple, and since the interface is very easy to use, you don’t have to have a high level of technical knowledge in order to navigate around the interface. The two editors, a WYSIWYG editor and a BB code editor provide flexibility.

Availing the basic package gives the users the ability to manage blogs, news, newsletters, content pages, banner, menus and links. It also has an integrated Google Sitemap and site search. The portal or interactive contents provide users with a system for forum, a messenger, events calendar and an option to hold polls. The advanced content package includes two important tools: the File Publishing Management and Content Management Publishing tools. fresh as CMS can get

With e107, users are provided with outgoing RSS feeds as well as a reader for incoming RSS, allowing easier and much simpler content syndication. Each package allows PDF export and display of printer-friendly translations of web pages. There is an “email to friend” feature as well. Some administrator features like static page indexing, generation of Meta tags (in some crucial areas), and gathering visitor statistics, are automatically activated.

With e107, all contents can be transmitted as zip files in order to improve transfer speed and save bandwidth. In terms of security features, the e107 is able to ban attempts of site flooding and bar unsuccessful login attempts. Additionally, it has an eToken feature that helps protect your website from XSFR; plus, security scripts from external sources can be easily incorporated. Users or administrators can arrange email massaging, which can be triggered by signing up, log-ins and submitted contents.

Managing contents in multiple languages is possible with e107. You can download additional language packs, which do not only make this software easy to work with, but allow users to customize default messages that the system generate.

e107 User Interface

The good thing about E107’s user interface is that it allows users to be in control of its features. The content types are all visible, including an ability to register online. With e107, administrators are given access to some parts of the website. Its easy to use system even supports login sharing between users, as well as LDAP and other authentication protocol from external servers.

The whole system, including the Private, Public and Administrator’s Area, are all managed by the Administrator through CSS and PHP data files. These files offer layouts that have modifiable styles. Particular areas in the website, such as the comments, news and forum, are all controllable by the layout; while controlling a specific type of content is managed by tweaking the template.

e107 Software Review

The e107 is a Content Management System software that covers everything you want to cover. You can rely on it in handling all the contents, including admin and multimedia management, directory and file, e-commerce, and many more. It has all the necessary features plus numerous plug-ins that you can easily download from e107’s main site.

Although some find it to have a limited number of layout designs and themes available, most users are contented with e107's 200 available layouts. The good thing is that it has a solid community. E107 has a high-traffic forum area where users leave feedbacks, input ideas and tips about the downloadable add-ons, which they developed themselves. All in all, e107 is a great choice when it comes to CMS. It is not only free, but boasting with useful features as well.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is Morning After Pill Available in the Philippines?

A number of women ask:

Is Morning After Pill Available in the Philippines?

The answer is YES. However, it is not marketed as "The Morning After Pill" or the Plan B Pill, as it is known in other countries.

What is Morning After Pill?

Most women have no idea what Plan B or Morning After Pill is for. This is used as an emergency contraception after you have engaged in unprotected sex - yes, that is sexual intercourse without any birth control used. Since it is STILL NOT a common practice here in the Philippines to use contraceptives such as birth control pills, injectibles, condoms, etc., there is a huge chance that women have unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes, these unwanted pregnancies become a welcome blessing, but for some, getting pregnant causes dread and tons of problems. Morning After Pill is a drug that you take in order to prevent implantation of the product of conception.

Take Note: This will not terminate your pregnancy if you are already pregnant; this is used to avoid getting pregnant and not for termination.

What are the brands available?

In the US and other countries where it is sold as Plan B, Escapelle, Levonelle, NorLevo, Postinor-2, i-pill, "Next Choice" and 72-HOURS, the Morning After Pill has the generic name of levonorgestrel.
Here in the Philippines, it is not marketed as the Morning After Pill but rather as a simple oral birth control pill. The most common levonorgestrel brands are Nordette, Lady, Rigevidon 21 + 7, Trust, Femenal, Nordiol, and Seif.

Nordette-28 (this may look different, depending on the country)
Just to be sure, try to buy Nordette, since what I have, and use, is this brand. And other levonorgestrel brands could have different levels of the drug on them.

How to take the morning after pill?

If it is the REAL morning after pill (Plan B, i-pill, 72-Hours, etc.), you only have to take one pill on the first dose and another pill for the second dose. BUT, since they are not available here in the Philippines, you have to take the alternative pill, in this case, Nordette.

Remember, this is to be taken within 5 days of unsafe sex. Any longer than that, then your chances of getting pregnant would be much higher. Still, it is best to take Nordette within 24 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, for utmost effectiveness.

Nordette is to be taken in two doses:
1st Dose – Take 4  round,orange pills within 120 hours of intercourse
2nd Dose - Take 4 round, orange pills 12 hours after 1st dose

Again, NEVER take Nordette or any other birth control pill if you are ALREADY PREGNANT.

Are there any side effects?

Most users experience what most women experience when taking the pill: Light nausea, dizziness and sometimes vomiting. This is very much normal, and please don’t think that it is a sign of pregnancy already (hey, remember, you only had unprotected sex no more than 5 days ago, right?). If it works effectively, you will have your menstrual period much earlier than the usual.

Where to buy Nordette?

Nordette is available in leading drugstores. Mercury Drug or Watson’s should have it. It is an over-the-counter drug and you won’t need any prescription to buy it. And you shouldn’t be ashamed to buy one. As a matter of fact, now that you are sexually active, you should be using it regularly, not as an EC (emergency contraception) pill but a contraceptive or birth control pill.

It is best to consult your OB-GYN first before doing anything like this. PLUS, you should make sure that you are NOT PREGNANT. This is very unsafe for pregnant women. If you are already pregnant, then this “PLAN” is not for you. Maybe, you should go for PLAN C, whatever that may be.